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Embrace the power of mushrooms and adaptogens

Rritual is a plant-based consumer wellness brand based out of Vancouver, B.C., dedicated to creating simple, pure, yet effective plant-based health products that are mindfully designed to also facilitate the practice of daily self-care, so that the health of the whole body, mind & spirit is supported. Backed by a leading team of scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and experts across the wellness space, Rritual has entered the market with their flagship collection of certified organic Mushroom and Adaptogen Elixir Mix powders, offering products in the top three need-state health categories: Lion’s Mane Focus, Reishi Relax, and Chaga Immune.

Why Adaptogens?

The increasing consumer’s awareness of healthy food and beverages, growing dietary supplements and nutraceutical industries are the prime factors that are boosting the global adaptogen market. Stress and anxiety associated with the modern lifestyle of individuals are key drivers that support growth of the adaptogens market. The body’s own ability to respond to, and recover from a myriad of external and internal stressors it will inevitably encounter, can be supported and maintained by including a variety of time-tested mushrooms and herbs known as adaptogens.The need for enhanced mental function is another key driver catalyzing the demand for adaptogen-based products. The global adaptogens market’s value is anticipated to be US$10.3B in 2020, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recent study. The market is expected to reach US$23.4B by 2030, at a CAGR of ~6.8%.

Each Rritual Elixir features a key functional mushroom and herbal adaptogen, each known to support a specific response in the body, a foundational Immune-Synergy Blend of six functional mushrooms, as well as a Daily Prebiotic Blend.

Immune Booster


Bursting with bioactive polysaccharides, Rritual’s chaga blend combines the chaga mushroom with the Eleuthero root for optimal immune system benefits.

Chaga - Immune Booster

Brain Booster

Lion's Mane

This unique blend of lion’s mane mushroom and rhodiola root supports cognitive function and brain health, while also improving your body’s ability to manage stress.

Lion's Mane - Brain Booster

Stress Support


Rich in triterpenes, polysaccharides, fatty acids and amino acids, Rritual’s reishi blend includes the Ashwagandha root to help body and mind combat anxiety. Long term use can also improve quality of sleep for restless minds.

Reishi - Stress Support
Chaga - Immune Booster
Lion's Mane - Brain Booster
Reishi - Stress Support

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